Sport C Racing Throttle & Shift


Throttle pedal, shift lever, brackets, and more.

Foot Pedal

The racing class rules require a foot activated throttle, and you'll want one anyway. Hot Foot, Nydhal (now built by Wintech Engine and Marine), and other's, have them on the shelf. You could probably build one, though for the cost the available varieties include an integrated cable bracket, idle and WOT stops, return springs, and adjustablility that's all convenient. It's also hard to beat aluminum for weight.

Boat Foot Throttle Pedal

The M40C Tohatsu motors are setup for universal 33C or similar throttle and shift cables. The engine OEM hardware includes clamps to secure the cables at the proper locations, assuming ball and socket ends are used at the motor. A throttle return spring should also be added at the motor end. It helps take out any play in the cable system, and is also an important safety device to shut the throttle down should any part of the system fail or come loose.

At the foot pedal end, different brands need different styles of hardware connection kits. Be it merc, OMC, or basic clamp and ball joint, connection using the right hardware is generally straightforward. If all else fails a google image search, or info from the pedal manufacturer, will explain it.

Throttle Return SpringStuck at WOTTest fit your pedal location before drilling any holes in the boat. Every driver is different, and it's important to make sure that WOT is comfortable to hold while wedged in the seat. If it's even a slight reach while on the trailer, it will be uncomfortable on the water. Also think about how the pedal will be bolted down. It needs to be very secure. I've seen some boats through bolt the bottom of the hull, which works but can be difficult to keep flush outside the hull. It may be tempting to epoxy in a block of wood to screw in to. Unless done by a professional, the block or screw threads will nearly always fail within a few seasons, turning the foot pedal into a handheld device. Bolting through the bottom of the boat in a flush and sealed manner is far more reliable.

Make sure to add a throttle return spring on the motor end. It will help keep slack out of the linkages, and return the motor to idle should the cable fail. Also make sure your foot thorttle has a properly adjusted stop. You will stand on the throttle during a race. If there is not a stop on the pedal, you may jump past the motor linkage stop, hook on the screw head, and be locked at WOT.