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Sport Tunnel Boat

The 3rd hull, in blue, but with a revised tunnel and forward sponson surfaces. It shows a reasonable improvement in performance with the 15hp compared to the previous version (in the background in red). With a 25hp motor performance and handling was significantly improved. Planing was quick and crisp, top speeds were far faster, and the with the motor trimmed out the hull picked up on air and ran like a tunnel boat should.

Tunnel Boat

Also pictured is the custom 1-1/4" stainless tow bar. In this application it also stiffens the back end of the boat a little

Fishing Boat

10' Boat

The stern image shows the revised transom shape, including stiffening insert in the motor mount area.


Hull 3 lifting out of the mold. The revised mold also has less excess flange area, so less material is wasted and cut off of the molded part. Before pulling it had the flotation foam poured in and the seat module bonded in place. That way the mold can support the hull and everything stays straight and true.

Tunnel Boat Mold

A peek at the plug under revision. It's actually the first hull out of the original mold. It was built overly thick, making it heavy as a boat, but a good stable platform to modify for a plug.

Boat plug




The 2nd hull out of the mold is undergoing field testing. Pending initial performance approval the deck will be installed and extended sea trials performed.

The first test engine is a 1987 OMC 15hp 2-stroke. It has been run with both the OEM aluminum prop and Solas Saturn Stainless props (10 and 11 pitches) which have thinner blades with light cupping.

Current performance is near predicted. Prototype hull #1 was shy on stern lift besides being well over weight budget (multiple trial layup schedules). Hull #2 is within weight spec and mold adjustments are yielding more appropriate stern lift characteristics. Prop heigh has also been adjusted which improved top speed and decreased planing times.